10x Co-Founder Altay Guvench Chats About the Future of Hiring with iMedia

August 12th, 2015

In a conversation with iMedia Connection, Altay Guvench discusses working with top talent and challenging the traditional nine-to-five work structure.

“People are really bad at selling themselves,” Altay said. “It’s way easier to sell someone else than yourself.” 10x Management is “like a talent agency in Hollywood” representing tech talent. 10x helps find their tech talent work and freelance gigs.

“The people that 10x represents are not just good, not just great, but they’re literally the best of the best in terms of technical talent.” – Altay Guvench

Representing the rock stars of tech talent does not mean dealing with big egos, he said. 10x screens individuals for their ability to work as a team player. “These projects are all bigger than one person,” he said. The tech talent that 10x represents are “proven by their track record and the things they’ve built.”

Traditional 40-hour work weeks can be challenging for individuals who enjoy working outside those parameters, and who want a certain work life balance.

“Creative professionals like to work strange hours,” Altay said. “They like to work 60 hours one week and 20 hours another week. They like to go scuba diving or hike up a mountain for a month and come back refreshed to work on the next project.”
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