10x Co-Founder Michael Solomon Featured in Time.com Video About Musicians On Call

September 21st, 2015

“Hospitals are not happy places,” said 10x Co-Founder Michael Solomon. “It’s sterile, and it’s cold.” With that in mind, anything to warm it up, would be “amazing,” he said in a recent video by Fifth Third Bank featured on Time.com

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“Music is this wonderful tool that can change and shape your day, your mood, your memories, and because of those reasons, there was no choice but to bring it to people who needed it most,” said Michael, who also co-founded Musicians On Call. “So the mission of Musicians On Call was to bring musicians in hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices and walk them room to room to play right at the bedsides of patients.”

Musicians On Call brings live and recorded music patients in health care facilities. Since 1999, they have performed for nearly half a million individuals.

Click here to watch the video.