10xer Shawn Feeney Selected As Artist-In-Residence At San Francisco’s de Young Museum

April 7th, 2015

The freelance tech pros managed by 10x are selected for exceptional creative talent. Many are also accomplished artists and media designer Shawn Feeney is a brilliant example. His latest accolade is his selection for Artist in Residence at San Francisco’s de Young Museum, with his work, Musical Anatomy.

I recently posted about the rise of biohacking and its implications for our definition of what is human and bodily. But musical instruments have long been the prosthetics of our musical nature. Feeney’s current project, Musical Anatomy, is about the “embodiment of music”, and explores the relationship between musician and instrument as a creative mutation.

A former designer at Lucas Film, Feeney is the creator of 10x’s logo, and offers design to tech companies seeking to optimize their brand and product experience. Outside his design work, he is an accomplished artist in a variety of media, including music, illustration, sculpture and sound somatics, the use of sound to promote health and healing.

From June 3-28, Feeney will be presenting Musical Anatomy as Artist in Residence at San Francisco’s de Young Museum, and will offer visitors a consciousness-expanding experience of the complex relationship of sound and body. If you’re around SF, you and your senses should go!

Learn more about Feeney’s artistic process in his recap of his digitally-driven creation of the illustration above, called Ira Arca. And if you’re interested in hiring Shawn or another 10x’er for your tech project, click here.