10x on TEDx: “The Old Way of Working Doesn’t Work”

November 18th, 2015

10x Founder Rishon Blumberg at TEDx

10x Founder Rishon Blumberg at TEDx

The Old Way of Working Doesn’t Work

Earlier this year, I was asked to speak at TEDx regarding the future of work. It’s very clear to most people that the old way of working doesn’t work anymore. Every year more and more talented people decide to step out of the 9-to-5 rat race to work for themselves. Call them freelancers, call them contractors, call them independents – but they don’t want to be called employees anymore.

But today’s tech contractors also don’t want to do their own accounting, contract negotiations, and bill collections. As much as independent tech workers want to remain independent, they often miss some aspects of being “in house.”

That’s where 10x comes in. We make being a contractor and hiring contractors less painful.

As I said at TedX:

We expect professional athletes, actors and musicians to have managers and agents to help them do their best work. For more than 2 decades, I’ve been representing artists like John Mayer, Vanessa Carlton and Citizen Cope. Now I’d like to introduce you to the next wave of talent working with agents and managers.

Welcome to the world of Tech Stars. For the last 4 years, my team and I have been doing the same type of representation for freelance tech talent that we do for rock stars.

To learn more about the future of work, why the landscape in changing so rapidly, and how companies can win the competition for talent, check out the full video here.

– Rishon Blumberg, Founder