16 Signs You Are Highly Creative, And Didn’t Even Know It

July 19th, 2016

creative people

Whether you’re a coder, app designer, or teacher you may be one of those highly creative people, who are not fully aware of their gift. Check out this article by Christopher Jan Benitez of Lifehack and you might be surprised how creative you really are. Below we’ve extracted some excellent insights from the article. Read the full article here, 16 Interesting Signs You’re A Highly Creative Person (And You May Not Know It Yet).

See if you exhibit any of the below creative signs:

  1. You like to solve problems

Whether it’s playing sudoku or doing your math homework, both of which require you to flex your problem-solving muscles, your propensity for finding solutions to the problems in front of you is a sign of creative mind.

  1. You are highly motivated

There is a beautiful stubbornness that exists within motivation. While it encourages bull-headedness and a determined mentality, motivation allows us to pursue our passions.

  1. You are courageous

Success is never achieved overnight. You will have to fail countless of times before getting it right.

  1. You love playing

Play is the act in which people are not stressed out by work as they relax and do something fun for a change. As the brain is in this state of euphoria, the creative juices naturally flow from you, allowing you to come up with better ideas.

  1. You go against the grain

Your inquisitive mind allows you to question instead of following, inquire instead of agreeing, and be your own person instead of being like everyone else.

  1. You are boundless

There is only so much than a man can do and achieve, but that should not limit anyone to dream big. In fact, having boundaries is beneficial in helping us achieve things bigger than anyone would ever imagine. Your limitations are gateways to creative thinking, which fuels the imagination to stretch their capabilities to their potential.

  1. You are expressive

You are well aware of what you feel and think and are not afraid to share them.

  1. You are empathetic

At the same time, you are concerned with what people feel and think. As a creative person, you want to use your understanding of their thoughts and emotions to provide them something that answers to their needs.

  1. You find puns high-larious

Puns are indicative of the mind’s playfulness and creativity with words, which also indicates their sense of humor.

  1. You are “wired in”

By being “wired in,” your concentration is at an all-time high, which allows you to brainstorm, develop, produce, and create ideas from scratch much more effectively.

  1. You have the Flow

Through Flow, work is not a burgeoning task that you have to endure as a means to end. For creative people like you, work is play and allows you to be more engaged with it from a creative standpoint.

  1. You find yourself daydreaming

Letting your mind wander may sound like a mindless activity, but it helps your creative juices flowing as you are in constant dialogue with your thoughts during this period. In fact, constant daydreaming paves the way for you to develop more insights from your imagination and creative faculties.

  1. Nothing escapes you

You are like a sponge to experiences. You want to soak as many information and observations as possible.

  1. You are sensitive

Part of being able to immerse yourself in particular experiences is your ability to see the beauty and profundity in even the simplest of things. People high on temperamental sensitivity and rich inner life have more developed creativity compared to others.

  1. You like to go for something new

The diversity of experience is of utmost importance for creative people.

  1. You can get things done


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