22 Entrepreneurs Share Their Top Productivity Hacks

February 4th, 2016

productivity hacks

Startup CEOs not only need to build a company from the ground up but also manage a team. This often requires a hands-on approach and typically a very large workload. To deal with all of these responsibilities, entrepreneurs share the productivity hacks that help maximize their time and efficiency.

Business Insider collected some great productivity hacks from entrepreneurs within a wide range of industries and experience levels. For example, Asana Co-founder and CEO Dustin Moskovitz keeps his schedule completely free of meetings one day a week so he can have some contiguous space to delve into projects.

Jamie Wong, Co-founder and CEO of Vayable, schedules three non-work activities a week that nothing can interfere with. Since daily schedules regularly change and plans easily become broken, Wong decided to commit to 3 activities a week dedicated to her own personal well-being that she sticks to no matter what. Each week she commits to one activity in each key area: create, grow and love.

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