3 Ways Technology and Learning Styles are Connected

January 5th, 2017

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As part of our ongoing series entitled “With A Little Help from Ving,” we look to the Ving blog to discover three important ways that technology and learning styles are connected. If you’ve ever used a laptop in class, you know how important technology can be to the learning process. The importance of technology in the classroom and in the workplace is no doubt growing, so check out how technology is connected to the way we absorb information!

Original post by Karen Gerberry, Ving Success Manager

Does your school provide students  iPads, Chromebooks, or desktop computers ? If not, I am sure they will soon. Technology and learning styles are something that every classroom should and will be filled with. No matter what technology (or lack thereof) is in your classroom it is affecting your students learning styles.

From auditory to hands-on learners it is important to have something for everyone — an approach that is both  easy to use for teachers and effective for students.

What does great educational technology need to be?

  1. Interactive – Using a tool that’s interactive allows both hands-on and visual learns to be fully engaged. And, being interactive does not have to be complicated. Any visual movement or simply something to click on can help engage the students in your classroom.
  2. Mobile – Get moving! 56% of kids have a cellphone and more than 3 million children struggle with obesity every year. If we can get students up and moving with their mobile devices we can help lower that number. Use a tool in your classroom that is compatible on every device — one that’s easy to carry. Share a scavenger hunt with your students and have them follow along to get them out of their seats. Adding a few more steps in their day will help out with their overall wellness and learning in your classroom.
  3. Inviting – No matter what tool you use every student will be starting out on a different learning curve. Pick technology that is easy for them. Often we pick tools that are easy for us to use but what about your audience. You need a tool that is easy for your students to interact with and learn from.

This school year, put technology in the hands of your students. You may even find that some of your students who used to be auditory learners are now visual or hands-on learners. Technology can really shape the way your students learn and help them grow as learners.

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