4 Tips To Developing Positive Language With Clients

September 13th, 2016

working with clients

Demonstrating exceptional client service constitutes a core value for many businesses, startups and freelancers or consultants. Many companies have thrived or failed due partly because of their customer service and word of mouth. Providing a high level of service is how we at 10x Management have been able to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Remember that, focusing on positive communication even in the smallest of client interactions helps to establish the goodwill that is crucial for a freelance business.

In working with clients it’s crucial to build a level of trust and open communication. John Rampton, Huffington Post contributor offers several good tips including focus on praise and instead of saying “You” focus on saying “I” or “We.” Check out the full Huffington Post article here, Tips to Developing Positive Language With Clients.

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