6 Modern Technology Innovations for Companies to Watch

February 12th, 2016

modern technology

It’s no surprise business will change radically in the next 20 to 30 years due to modern technology innovation. Read what John Brandon, contributing editor of Inc.com has to say in the article, 6 Far-Out Tech Innovations to Watch.

  1.  First off, you will not use the US dollar, it’s all about cryptocurrency, Bitcoins and other alternative currencies.
  2. You may have a human clone, human embryos are already being cloned.
  3. You will hire a transhuman. A transhuman is someone who is a new kind of human; in tech circles, it means a human who has merged with technology in some way or has tech implants.
  4. You won’t use a computer or phone, many signs point to a future where technology is surrounding us in our home, car and workplace. We’ll speak commands versus having to type.
  5. Everyone will work remotely. “In the next 20 to 30 years, a remote worker will be no different from someone who is in the office. We’ll “visit” the office with a hologram, walk around the cubicle farm, interact with employees, and chat about the weather. There are bots that already do this today. The obvious implication is that the building itself might not need to exist at all–it might be a hologram itself. And, most of these “holoployees” won’t be W2s. They’ll all be self-employed,” Brandon states.
  6. You will work in the car. Vehicles or transport pods will not only drive you to work but be a full on video conference suite, a work area, a place to conduct research via Google by voice commands.

To learn more about number 5 above, “Everyone will work remotely” and why the landscape is changing so rapidly, check out the video Tedx talk by Rishon Blumberg, 10x Management Co-Founder.