7 Proven Practices For Living And Working More Happily

May 26th, 2015

You’re smarter and more effective when you’re happy and healthy. How happy you feel is a reflection of how you think and act. Positive Psychology is the “branch of psychology that uses scientific understanding and effective intervention to achieve a satisfactory life, rather than treating mental illness.” Below are ways to condition yourself to feel your best so you can do your best.

Happiness is mental fitness that can be achieved through practices proven to help you lead a more fulfilling life, cultivate what is best in you, and enhance your experience of love, work, and play. The pressure of modern life constantly pushes us to move faster and cut corners around taking care of ourselves, but the logic of compromising your self to perform better is untenable. Changing longstanding habits that promote a negative view of your world, self and others is essential to finding your optimal state of work-life balance.

In 7 Positive Psychology Happy Habits for Work and Life, psychologist Dr. Colleen Georges discusses her seven favorite habits for enriching work and life overall. Just like running and stretching, these practices can form a solid foundation for keeping your spirits up and avoiding depression and frustration.

1. Focus on Your Strengths

2. Express Gratitude

3. Be Kind And Generous

4. Forgive Yourself And Others

5. Reframe Your Thinking Towards Optimism

6. Set Regular Goals

7.  Connect With Others

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