9 Common Misconceptions About Sales

January 18th, 2017


Sales is an essential part of business. To close a deal and earn repeat business, you have to constantly strive to get better. As part of our ongoing series entitled “With A Little Help from Ving,” we look to the Ving blog to understand what it takes to stay ahead in the sales game. Never get complacent and avoid these 9 common misconceptions about sales!

Original post by Karen Gerberry, Ving Success Manager

1. The sale is done when the check comes in.

It has been heard that the sales team is done when the check “walks” in the front door but that is just not the case anymore. Your sales and support team need to work together through the entire onboarding process. This will allow a smooth transition from the original sale to the delivery to the use of your product/saas.

2. I know what you need.

It is easy to assume we know best, obviously because we have the most experience with our product or tool. Really, your client or customer may have a different problem then you are trying to solve. Make sure to keep your ears open to really listen to what exactly your client needs. You will save time and close more deals.

3. Sales is only in the beginning of the funnel.

Like the sales common misconception #1 your sales team needs to be involved throughout the process, even if it is a regular subscriber. Your sales team needs to nurture customers along with your support team so they become renewals and not just a one time customer. Make sure to schedule reminder tasks that appear post onboarding and pre-renewal.

“A five percent increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75 percent.” (source)

4. Keep it professional.

While you should always stay professional with your clients, you need to still be human — social. Try connecting with your clients on Linkedin, FB, or Twitter. This will allow your clients to connect with you on a much more professional level. Sales people who sell socially obtain 66% more of their quotas than those using traditional methods (source).

5. You have to have experience to sell more.

Building connections and networking is a great way to sell more but it is not required. There are a plethora of outlets (ex: blogs, youtube, google, etc) that allow you to dive into and learn about the sales world. If you are looking to learn how to improve your sales the key is more effort than connections. The more effort you put in to perfect your strategy the more deals you will close this coming year.

6. Leave the jokes for dinner.

Similar to # 4, it’s common to think that jokes have no place in a professional environment. While it’s important to feel out the room before cracking every joke in your handbook, there are situations when it can help lighten the mood. After you have assessed the atmosphere in the room try relieving the pressure by adding a casual joke or remark.

7. Let your prospects come to you.

More so now than ever prospects are being hand fed everything they need to know about your product or service by your sales team. Often most of their research about a product or software is done before they even talk to a person. Do not wait for your prospects to reach out to you, be where your prospects are. It is important to know your buyer market and where they hang out — you need to hang out there too.

8. Stick with what you know.

The new year is approaching and there is no better time than to go outside your comfort zone and try to land a big deal just by asking. You may be surprised who you can get on the phone with or in front of. Jeff Hoffman, Co-founder of Priceline and Founder of ColorJar recently told us, “You will never accomplish anything if you don’t at least try. If there is someone in your field that you want to connect with — connect.”

9. Follow this script to close more deals.

It is important to follow company procedure, however, without a little personality, you are sure to be written off. Hoffman also gave us this great piece of advice, “And above all else, be you. You will be surprised how accepting the world can be when you are true to yourself.”

So with these common misconceptions in mind go out and close a deal today. There is no better time than right now to call or connect with a client. And while you’re at it share this blog with your sales team or on your social sites — there is no need to keep these secrets to yourself.

Have other tips for common misconceptions to avoid to add to our list? Share your suggestions in the comments section, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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