All Feedback is Not Equal: Provide the Good Kind

September 11th, 2015

At 10x, we encourage healthy feedback so we can adjust our direction, but no one likes being at the receiving end of “I’m not feeling it,” “that’s not right,” and “this if off.” The buzzkill that slays all motivation: ineffective feedback. The good news is that you can give good feedback with an easy-to-remember acronym. So before you offer feedback, check yourself, and ASK:

1. Actionable

Define a clear course of action for each suggestion you make. Clearly ask for what you want and specify the priority level of each request. Keep deadlines in mind when suggesting changes and allow for enough time to address feedback.

2. Specific

The person receiving feedback should be able to easily take away what needs to be changed. Present feedback in a manner that allows someone to easily interpret what your suggestions mean, for example, adding feedback directly on a screenshot or print out.

3. Kind

Phrase feedback in a way that empowers the individual. If there are any hurdles prohibiting him/her from addressing your feedback, knock them out. You want this person to feel energized and ready.

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