Basic.Space: iOS Migration & MVVM Architecture

Executive Summary

Basic.Space offers their users the experience to shop a curated blend of pre-owned and vintage items as well as new, limited editions and brand collaborations. They curate directly through verified designers, artists, musicians, athletes, and creatives. Customers experience Basic.Space both IRL and URL – via a marketplace event in LA, NY and Paris, or shopping through their app.

Tech Stack and Services

MVVM ArchitectureCodebase Modularization
UIKitSystem Migration
Technical DocumentationFeature Development
UI PreviewsApp Enhancement

Engagement Summary

Basic.Space approached 10x with an immediate need for an iOS software engineer to assist on a large project. 10x provided an experienced, senior-level iOS developer that Basic.Space was able to onboard within a matter of days. The engagement revolved around the 10x engineer migrating Basic.Space from mostly UIKit to SwiftUI for their view layer. The 10x engineer assisted in architectural influence over an MVVM architecture with modularization to complement the concurrent development of features and the Apple-recommended data flow for SwiftUI. The 10x engineer also helped Basic.Space accomplish several enhancements to the app.

Customer Testimonial

“10x Management has been a great resource for us to get top-tier qualified developers almost immediately. We needed an extra iOS software engineer for a larger project, and we were able to vet the 10x engineer and get them onboarded within a matter of days. The 10x engineer was very helpful, contributing from ideation through to production, and was a great fit on our team. Should we need any additional resources in the future, we will reach out to 10x to see if we can get another 10xer for a different project.” 

  • Garrett Tacoronte, VP Engineering, Basic.Space