BrightHire: From Seed to Series B.

Executive Summary

10x was first introduced to BrightHire in July of 2019. At the time, BrightHire was in stealth mode and had just raised a seed round of funding. Looking for a full-stack engineer to lead the architecture development of its MVP, BrightHire engaged with a top 10xer to lead its product build. BrightHire then hired another three 10xers, including a backend/machine learning expert, a DevOps expert, and a full-stack developer. Producing excellent work, two of these 10xers were hired full time by BrightHire to serve as senior members on the engineering team. As of 2022, BrightHire has raised its Series B round and $36M in total funding

Q&A with Ben Sesser, CEO and Co-Founder of BrightHire

Why did you originally reach out to 10x? And why did you choose to work with 10x?
I was referred to 10x Management by a trusted investor, and the initial talent I was introduced to was high caliber.

What has been the best part of working with 10x?
Working with 10x has been a very efficient process of onboarding high caliber contractors in a short period of time.

Would you return to 10x for future projects, or recommend to other companies?
If I had the right projects and budget, I’d absolutely work with 10x again. And I have recommended 10x to other companies.

What was one benefit related to 10x that you weren’t expecting?
Working with 10x expanded how we thought about accomplishing goals in our product and engineering organization. Once we realized we could have high quality talent spun up quickly to help in specific areas, it opened up new possibilities.