In The Future, Will We Charge Our Phones Once Every Three Months?

March 9th, 2017


At 10x Management, we’re always amazed at the ways that innovative technologists are shaping the future. Our lives in a lot of ways are run by our mobile devices. We text, email, check social media, get news, video chat, listen to music, and play games all through our phones. But one of the biggest problems mobile technology faces is short battery life. Check Snapchat or Instagram for a couple of hours and your phone is dead. So how do we solve this problem? According to Cornell researchers, new technology is pending that will allow our phones to operate 100 times more efficiently, and thus require way less charging. According to the research, we may have to only charge our phones once every 3 months! Sounds pretty good to us. Maybe we’ll get an opportunity for a 10xer to work on new technology that allows you to charge your phone once a year! Check out an excerpt of the article below, and read the full article here.

Just imagine only having to charge your phone four times a year—not per day, not per week, not even per month.

According to a super-sciency paper penned by Cornell researchers, they’ve figured out a way to engineer a “magnetoelectric multiferroic” material (that’s as geeky as we’re gonna get) that essentially allows devices like smartphones to literally operate 100 times more efficiently. Thus you’d need to recharge your device way less frequently.

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