The WellDeserved App: A Marketplace For Excess Privilege

March 11th, 2015

Comedy Hack Day is a contest that brings developers and comedians together for a weekend to build hilarious apps. The recent winner of San Francisco’s Comedy Hack Day is a hilarious response to the pervasive sense of entitlement among Silicon Valley’s tech entrepreneurs – check out their videos, below.

The current tech boom gold rush has convinced many a naive entrepreneur that all good ideas deserve instant investment and overnight success. The sense of entitlement and privilege pervading San Francisco and Silicon Valley is now legendary, which prompted my friend Kasima Tharnpipitchai (a cheeky employee at GitHub) and his teammates to create the WellDeserved App for Comedy Hack Day. The app allows people to sell off their unused privileges, such as Google employees selling their free lunches. Said Tharnpipitchai:

“We live in a world of excess privilege: privilege goes unused every single day. […] Our business plan is that VCs will just give us money because this is San Francisco and we have an idea.”

Here’s their gag promo video:

Here’s the also hilarious video of Kasima’s presentation:

Read more about Comedy Hack Day in Fast Company’s recent post about it.