Communication & Problem Solving: How to Properly Vet Tech Freelancers

April 2nd, 2024

The demand for tech freelancers is booming. As businesses increasingly rely on technology to thrive, the need for skilled professionals who can tackle complex problems and communicate effectively has never been greater. However, finding the right tech talent very often goes beyond just assessing their technical expertise. Vetting them for their communication abilities and problem-solving skills can be equally crucial!

Clear Communication: The Backbone of Collaboration

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful project, and this holds especially true in the realm of freelance tech work. Here’s why:

  • Updates and Progress Reports: Regular updates are vital to keeping customers informed about the project’s status. Freelancers who communicate proactively build trust and reassure clients that their project is in capable hands.
  • Handling Feedback: Constructive feedback is integral to the iterative process of software development or any tech-related project. Freelancers who can receive feedback gracefully and incorporate it into their work demonstrate maturity and professionalism.
  • Resolving Issues: Despite meticulous planning, projects may encounter hurdles along the way. Freelancers who communicate promptly about problems and propose solutions help mitigate risks and keep the project on track.

Problem Solving: Navigating Challenges with Agility

Tech freelancers often face intricate problems that require creative solutions. Here are a couple of ways strong problem-solving skills benefit both freelancers and customers:

  • Adaptability: Project requirements often change. Freelancers with strong problem-solving abilities adapt to new challenges seamlessly, ensuring that the project stays aligned with evolving needs.
  • Innovation: Freelancers who excel at problem-solving often develop innovative solutions that add value to the project and set it apart from competitors.

Vetting Tech Freelancers: A Comprehensive Approach

When vetting tech freelancers, it’s essential to assess more than just their technical skills. Here are a few strategies to evaluate their communication and problem-solving abilities:

  • Portfolio and References: Reviewing a freelancer’s portfolio and learning about previous customers provides insights into their communication style, project management skills, and ability to overcome challenges.
  • Interview Process: During interviews, pose scenario-based questions to gauge how freelancers approach problem-solving and communicate their ideas. Pay attention to their clarity, confidence, and willingness to collaborate.
  • Test Projects: Assigning a small test project can reveal a freelancer’s problem-solving prowess in action. Observe how they communicate throughout the process, handle setbacks, and iterate based on feedback. You can also consider a Discovery Phase which can function as both a test project, and to crystalize your vision and define your MVP. 
  • Soft Skills Assessment: Consider using personality assessments or soft skills evaluations to better understand a freelancer’s communication style, adaptability, and problem-solving approach.

Vetting tech freelancers for their communication and problem-solving abilities is paramount for successful collaborations. By prioritizing these qualities alongside technical expertise, businesses can ensure smoother project execution, stronger relationships, and superior outcomes.