Check Out the Best Coworking Spaces in the U.S. –
Top 100 List

April 19th, 2016

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In March 2016, WeWork, a coworking startup, raised $430 million at a $16 billion valuation. Across its 20-odd locations, the company is considered a second home to 40,000 members that rent desks from its shared office spaces. The “WeWork phenomenon” has caused many entrepreneurs to rethink where and how they work. And small businesses and startups are also seeing the benefits to setting up shop in coworking spaces.

Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur or freelancer, the benefits of coworking, according to Deskmag’s annual Global Coworking Survey, are pretty hard to ignore: 71 percent of participants reported a boost in creativity since joining a coworking space, while 62 percent said their standard of work had improved. The study also found that half of all coworking members access their working space around the clock—with only 30 percent preferring to work during normal business hours.

Coworking spaces are creating the best of both worlds. An office you can call home, no bosses, great coffee, like-minded entrepreneurs to network with and many other cool perks and options that vary by location.

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