Does Your Business Inspire Leaders
to Build a Culture of Mentorship?

April 8th, 2016


This week on 10x Magnified Blog we’re focused on a ‘leadership’ theme. Melissa Hughes, Ph.D, wrote an excellent article called, Inspiring Leaders to Build a Culture of Mentorship. The article highlights the difference between business as usual and inspiring leadership. People are hungry for good leadership but often don’t find it within the companies they work for. According to Gallup Polls, almost 70% of the workforce is “actively disengaged” largely due to the common behaviors leaders demonstrate. But you cannot fix what you don’t acknowledge. Melissa points out, we are beginning to see a shift in the importance of good leadership and that is bringing about a bigger need for organizational learning and leading at all levels.

Below are a few direct excerpts from Melissa’s article. To read the full article click on above link.

If you oversee people in any capacity, you might be among the 85% of business leaders who cite employee engagement and human development as your top challenges.

According to a recent Gallup Polls, 65% of employees listed “leadership” as a major weakness or obstacle in their organization.  In addition, 26% of U.S. employees are “highly disengaged,” only 13% say they are “highly engaged,” and 54% are actively seeking a new job.

“If you really want to distinguish the gold from the silver, the most successful companies have effective leaders who recognize that leadership isn’t confined to the C-suite.  Great leaders recognize the value in nurturing leadership at all levels.  Great leaders look for opportunities to learn from the people around them, give others opportunities to utilize their strengths, inspire them to embrace challenges, support them when they fail, and recognize them when they succeed.  Great leaders create a culture of mentorship,” explains Melissa Hughes.

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that your impact lasts in your absence.”

-Sheryl Sandberg

Do you want to be a managing leader or a mentoring leader? The best leaders are defined by their people, not their products.

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