Four “10x” Tips For Better Apple WatchKit Development by 10x Developer Jessica Lam

May 4th, 2015

WatchKit, Apple’s framework for programming the Apple Watch, can be tricky. Formerly a software engineer at Apple, our top-level freelance iOS developer, Jessica Lam shares wisdom gained from perfecting her first WatchKit app. If you’ve experienced random hangs, the never-ending spinner of death, or simply don’t know why your app is randomly failing, this post is for you.

Jessica Lam is a 10x freelance full-stack engineer and iOS developer based in San Francisco. She’s also VP of Product at LoungeBuddy, a clever app that lets travelers hack airports to discover great lounges and other amenities to improve their airport experience.

In 4 Tips To Better WatchKit Development, Jessica explains in detail how to avoid some of the tricky WatchKit coding issues that commonly cause confusion.

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