Freelancer Tools & Apps: Coworking in NYC using Croissant App

March 10th, 2016


Photo Credit: Sergey Zolkin & New Worker Magazine

“I’ve worked from several coworking spaces but I’ve never stayed too long. After a few weeks or months at a space, I would find myself the prisoner of water-cooler lollygagging and gossipy conversations. Having to politely navigate my way out of being an involuntary accomplice to others’ procrastination is annoying, so I gave up and went back to working from coffeehouses,” states James Cropcho in his article, Coworking in NYC using Croissant recently featured in New Worker Magazine. James Cropcho is a freelance technologist represented by 10x Management.

Jame’s explains, “For those like me who don’t view friendly office banter in a very friendly light, there is a middle ground now, at least in NYC. A few weeks ago I started using Croissant, a platform enabling pay-by-the-minute seating at 23 coworking spaces in New York City and one in nearby Hoboken. I’ve used the platform to supplement my list of go-to work spots. It’s much easier to just work using Croissant.” Read more here.

James Cropcho is a highly sought-after “10x-level” programmer who was highlighted in the BBC News’ feature on 10x Management. In 2007, he was a member of the two-person team that uncovered the first wide-scale e-voting breach in American history, and was featured on National Public Radio (NPR). To learn more about James, check out our interview with him.

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