How Freelancers and Technology Are Changing the Way We Define Work

July 24th, 2017

freelancer technology work

By Eric Frisch, 10x Management Writer

If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood movie, then you’ve witnessed the power and outcome of a temporary team working together on a project. In the case of a movie, a team of directors, actors, editors, writers, and costume and stage designers come together for a period of time to produce a film. After the movie is finished, each member of the crew goes their separate way to work on different projects.

While temporary teams, or “flash organizations,” are common in Hollywood (and the pharmaceutical industry because of its project-based nature), they have never fully infiltrated the business world. In the past, it has been very expensive to discover talent, hire and train workers for certain projects.

However, as technology evolves and lowers these costs of finding and training skilled workers, the flash organization is gaining popularity. Freelancers are becoming an attractive and cost-effective option to increase staff on a demand basis. Online platforms make it easy to search for relevant talent, and the abundance of data available to us helps us make informed decisions about candidates. As long as you can be sure that freelancers who have never met will be able to work together, the flash organization has huge potential.

If a project or product has a well-defined life span, a flash organization can be the fastest and most efficient way of achieving your goals. For one, you bring on the best possible talent for each job, without considerations of long-term commitments. People tend to be excited to dive into project-based work, as it provides new opportunities with each job.

Freelancing will become a corporate and cultural norm as technology improves and lowers the cost of finding talent. Conducting business on a remote basis will also become much more prominent. Companies will increase staff as needed rather than hiring full-time employees on a permanent basis.

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