Getting Real About Nonprofit Work – Nonprofit With Balls site

July 27th, 2016

nonprofit tech

Interested in the future of philanthropy and tech? So are we. Also if you’re wondering who you should add to your reading list in the nonprofit tech community? Start here, 25 Must-Read Non-Profit IT blogs.

In Silicon Valley, “unicorns” usually refer to billion dollar startups, but on Nonprofit With Balls, a humor site about life in the nonprofit industry, that term refers to something more real, and more heroic: nonprofit workers. “These people are underpaid to work on emotionally challenging issues, and all with crappy chairs that they got off Craigslist,” says site founder Vu Le. “We are like unicorns, imaginary creatures here to make the world better.”

Check out Fast Company’s article, The Irreverent Site “Nonprofit With Balls” Gets Real About Nonprofit Work by Ben Paynter.


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