Happiness Strategies For Company Founders

March 27th, 2015

While the traditional belief is that Success leads to Happiness, science is proving the opposite: happier workers are more insightful, motivated, productive and successful than when stressed. In the fast-paced competition of the tech industry, it’s vital for company founders to take happiness seriously and structure their culture and operations to maximize employees’ positivity.

In Here’s Why Founders Should Care about Happiness, venture capital firm First Round Capital shares the scientific evidence for using tactics that can help employees achieve and maintain a “flow state” at work – and avoiding things (e.g., multitasking) that can interfere with it. As we’ve said before, avoiding fear and shame in the workplace is critical (in fact, 10x cofounder Altay Guvench will be discussing it at San Francisco’s Startup & Tech Mixer, tonight). Even Bill Murray agrees, staying relaxed and positive is the best way to do your best.