Highway1 Hardware Incubator Now Accepting Fall 2015 Applications

April 29th, 2015

Know anyone with a prototype and a dream to share it with the world? Based in a hot new facility in San Francisco, PCH International’s powerful incubator for early hardware startups, Highway1, is now accepting applications to their Fall 2015 program. This will be the 4th class in the rapidly developing incubator, which is being featured in a SyFy Channel reality show, the Bazillion Dollar Club

Liam Casey, CEO of PCH says:

“We are looking for dedicated entrepreneurs who want to build a company, not just one product,” said PCH Founder and CEO Liam Casey. “We help put our hardware startups in the best possible position for investment. As we can see from recent successful crowd funding campaigns, there is a tremendous amount of consumer excitement about hardware tech right now. Our goal is to make hardware investing as appealing to Venture Capital and Angel Investors as investing in software.”

Our cofounder Altay Guvench and branding director Mark Mian have been mentoring teams at Highway1 for the past year and strongly vouch for the program’s value. The incubator has already produced a number of successes, including Navdy.

Learn more about the tremendous support the teams get, here:

Highway1 Applications for Fall 2015 Program