How I Stay Up-To-Date as A Developer

February 17th, 2017


At 10x Management, we know that staying up-to-date as a developer is critical to staying relevant in the digital sphere. As valued 10xer Greg Sadetsky says, “Organizations that don’t remain current with digital trends become outdated as quickly as those technologies evolve.”

So it’s always nice to see articles presenting new ideas about where and how to get code fixes. This latest article presents us with a great list of how to stay current with the latest coding trends. We might add a few of our own to the list: follow famous developers’ twitter accounts, follow advanced developers on GitHub, and check out Product Hunt for a section of the latest and greatest in the world of development.

Below is an excerpt of the article outlining some of the ways to stay up-to-date as a developer, and check out the full article here.

Why do you want to stay up-to-date?

  1. You want to stay relevant in in the job market. You like it or not, the “coolest” places you can land a job on will probably require you to know what is new. When I say new, I don’t mean “3 months new”, I mean “1 to 3 years new”. This may not apply depending on your market. If you work with C/C++, Perl or Pascal, for instance, your market might not be as dynamic. But if you’re a front-end developer, things will evolve pretty quickly.
  2. You want to be always in the edge of productivity. No new technology catches on if it’s not adding anything to the table. Technologies that thrive are the ones that made it easier to solve particular problems that otherwise would be harder. If the problems you’re tackling are the ones getting facilitated, you should experience a productivity boost by keeping up. Of course, your experience with the technologies you excel will also make you quite productive. You have to find the balance. Again, this doesn’t apply to all niches but for web development I think it does.
  3. You like it. That’s me! Not everybody is the same and most developers won’t agree. But some of us simply enjoy being a forever student.

I’ve put together a list of relevant sources so you can stay up-to-date in such a swifty, dynamic, sleep-taking industry:


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