How to make a huge difference from home during the pandemic

May 8th, 2020

As the world continues to battle covid-19, the U.S. is facing a nationwide hunger crisis. By leaning on our legion of tech experts, we saw an opportunity to make a big difference… and we need your help!

10x Co-Founder, Michael Solomon, along with 10xers Greg Sadetsky and Colin Wren, teamed up with non-profit WhyHunger to create the most comprehensive, crowd-sourced and open-source free meals map in the country. The best part – those looking to do some good can do so from the comfort of their own homes.

Here’s how volunteers can help:

  • Help keep the map updated by calling food distribution points and recording hours of operation on the map. This is critical in making sure those in need have up-to-date information, and those providing meals can reach as many people as possible.
  • Share the map with anyone in health and human services to spread the word about this resource. The map is a powerful tool, but its impact relies on its reach!

To view the map, click here and to volunteer, click here.

By working together, we have a serious chance to help thousands in need during these difficult times. We’d also like to thank TechCrunch, CNN and ComputerWorld for helping us spread the word and create more awareness of the free meals map nationwide.

Please help however you can, and feel free to reach out for any reason.