Meet Our New 10xers

10x Management Signs Arnav Shah as Newest Tech Talent for Hire

New York, NY — January 31st 10x Management, the world’s leading tech talent agency that places world-class technologists (coders, data scientists, interim CTOs, designers, etc.) with top companies for freelance engagements, announced today that Arnav Shah has joined the 10x client roster as a tech freelancer for hire. Arnav is a full stack software engineer, specializing in front-end development, Java, AppEngine with Python, and iOS, to name a few. His past customers have included Google and Stony Brook University, among others.

Arnav Shah is a versatile full-stack software engineer, scientist, and professional roller blader. He’s experienced in large-scale systems, experimental prototypes, and everything in between.

He’s a proud mentor who recognizes and addresses skills and communication gaps. As a Software Engineer and People Scientist Google, Arnav focused in several different areas, many of which highlight the personal side of technology. He implemented the front-end logic and user interface for Google Search result boxes and knowledge panels for 2016 presidential candidate issue stances, worked on the front-end infrastructure for the Google Docs web editors, and was a longtime 20% contributor for Google Ideas (now Jigsaw).

Arnav is passionate about work that improves society and aligns with his interests in wellness, fitness, health, and the physical arts.

Arnav is joining us immediately after a five-year run at Google in NY. His passion for new problems has led him to the freelance world where he knows he will be given new and challenging mission-critical tasks on a regular basis. His love of the outdoors, martial arts and particularly roller blading is the perfect complement to his time spent at his keyboard banging out scalable code.”
Michael Solomon, 10x Management Co-Founder

As part of his exclusive agreement with 10x, Arnav is available for engagements via 10x Management whose customers range from top startups like Shyp and to enterprise sized companies like McGraw Hill and Verizon. 

I’m excited to join a team that embraces a philosophy where one has opportunities to do top-notch work and also live an extraordinary life outside of work.
Arnav Shah, 10x Management Client

If you’re interested in working with Arnav or another 10xer please reach out to us here.


Meet Our New 10xers