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10x Management Signs Casey McTaggart as Newest Tech Talent for Hire

New York, NY — December 15th 10x Management, the world’s leading tech talent agency that places world-class technologists (coders, data scientists, interim CTOs, designers, etc.) with top companies for freelance engagements, announced today that Casey McTaggart has joined the 10x client roster as a tech genius for hire. Casey is a full stack developer specializing in Javascript, Ember, Ruby on Rails, Java, and Unix/Linux environments to name a few. She was previously employed at Pixar Animation Studios and Pivotal Labs, among others.

Arguably one of Casey’s biggest attributes is that she has worked in so many different fields and environments. She received her MS degree in environmental engineering (focusing on fluid mechanics) without any prior background in it.

While working on Finding Nemo, Casey was tasked with modeling fish fins as they move through water- so, given gross translates and rotates, model the fins as wires and hinges to simulate them being dragged in fluid. In addition, she also worked on the Incredibles, and her favorite part was making JakJak (the baby) volume preserving. That is, if you were to virtually squeeze him, he stayed fat.

Casey has also worked on a big data system for CU Boulder, to store and search on terabytes of financial data. She began with a laptop, access to an expensive server, and that was it. Given that she was responsible for the entire project, it was a great deal of work, but highly rewarding and educational.

“Casey is that rare combination of experience and enthusiasm which is exactly what we look for in clients. She has been a pleasure from her first call and we are excited to help unleash her on the world’s challenging tech problems. We especially love finding women with these particular skills and capabilities as there are so many customers who come to us wanting to bring that energy to their team’s culture and companies.”
Michael Solomon, 10x Management Co-Founder

As part of her exclusive agreement with 10x, Ms. McTaggart is available for engagements via 10x Management who’s customers range from top startups like Shyp and to enterprise sized companies like McGraw Hill and Verizon.

“I’m excited to join the 10x team and have the opportunity to work with such a talented group of people. I have been in computer science for the last 15 years, the last year of which has been as a remote contract software developer. I love the flexibility of working remotely. It can be challenging, however, to find interesting and engaging work on my own. 10x is the perfect fit to help me grow my career, my network, and compliment my lifestyle.”
Casey McTaggart, 10x Management Client

If you’re interested in working with Casey or another 10xer please reach out to us here.


Meet Our New 10xers