Meet Our New 10xers

10x Management Signs Cole Brown as Newest Tech Talent for Hire

New York, NY — January 10th 10x Management, the world’s leading tech talent agency that places world-class technologists (coders, data scientists, interim CTOs, designers, etc.) with top companies for freelance engagements, announced today that Cole Brown has joined the 10x client roster as a programmer/system architect for hire. Cole is a full stack developer and software architect specializing in Ruby, Python, Scala and Distributed Systems, to name a few.  His past customers have included Factset, Codecademy and among others.

Cole is a computer scientist with extensive experience in both research and commercial development with a deep knowledge of functional programming and type theory. He has experience in many programming languages and has a true love of learning as evidenced by his ability pick up new languages in a minimal amount of time. Cole is particularly interested in research positions / software engineering with a bias towards backend development.

Cole has helped design, implement, and scale systems in fields ranging from finance to ad-tech to education and is comfortable interfacing with organizations large and small.

“Cole’s experience as co-founder, software architect, and hands on developer with a variety of languages makes him a perfect fit for 10x. He never backs down from a challenge and we are excited to work with him as he conquers his next one.”
Julie Hershman, 10x Agent

As part of his exclusive agreement with 10x, Mr. Brown is available for engagements via 10x Management whose customers range from top startups like Shyp and to enterprise sized companies like McGraw Hill and Verizon. 

10x is a freelancer’s dream. With their help, I’m able to source gigs that fit my skills, interests, and rates. With most administrative tasks off my plate, I’m able to focus on the aspects of my work I most enjoy.
Cole Brown, 10x Management Client

If you’re interested in working with Cole or another 10xer please reach out to us here.


Meet Our New 10xers