Meet Our New 10xers

10x Management Signs Nick Kezhaya as Newest Tech Talent for Hire

New York, NY — October 25th 10x Management, the world’s leading tech talent agency that places world-class technologists (coders, data scientists, interim CTO’s designers, etc) with top companies for freelance engagements, announced today that Nick Kezhaya has joined the 10x client roster as a tech freelancer for hire. Nick is a full stack developer and cybersecurity expert specializing in Ruby and Front End Development to name a few. His past customers have included Wherewithal, Lyceed and Trackerwiz among others.

Nick started off as a VoIP pen tester in 2006, having discovered hundreds of vulnerabilities in various VoIP phones from a large number of different manufacturers. That same year, he was one of the first to write an exploit to completely take control of a remote machine through a VoIP phone. In 2009 he moved into web and mobile apps.

“Nick is one of those rare developers that has both the deep skills and understanding of a variety of coding disciplines while also being able to communicate in a very sophisticated manner.  He exemplifies the type of 10x talent we’ve become known to represent in that he makes an exponential contribution to the projects he works on.”
Rishon Blumberg, 10x Management Co-Founder

As part of his exclusive agreement with 10x, Nick is available for engagements via 10x Management who’s customers range from top startups like Shyp and to enterprise sized companies like McGraw Hill and Verizon.

If you’re interested in working with Nick or another 10xer please reach out to us here.


Meet Our New 10xers