Musicians On Call: MOConnect Development

Executive Summary

Musicians On Call (MOC), a nonprofit that brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients, families and caregivers in healthcare environments, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance their program delivery model. MOC initiated a strategic partnership with  10x to build a comprehensive platform facilitating the onboarding, training, and scheduling of volunteers and healthcare facilities. This initiative aimed to streamline processes, ultimately enhancing the impact of MOC’s programs. It is the future of their service delivery and will help the organization meet the increasing demand for its programs and revolutionize access to music in healthcare. 

Tech Stack & Services

UX/UI DesignBackend Development
Web DevelopmentProduct Design
Feature Development Security and Performance Maintenance 

Engagement Summary

Musicians On Call recognized the need to innovate its program delivery model and create a centralized platform to efficiently manage volunteer onboarding, training, and scheduling. After a thorough evaluation of potential partners, 10x emerged as the ideal collaborator, as 10x’s expertise, innovative approach, and commitment to the project’s vision aligned seamlessly with MOC’s goals. MOC was also impressed by 10x’s investment in MOC’s mission and 10x’s ability to understand how MOC as an organization operates and how important their mission is.

Customer Testimonial

“10x’s commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver innovative solutions have significantly impacted Musicians On Call. Having access to a team of skilled professionals has saved us valuable time and resources, and we have been able to complete each phase of the project on time and within our budget. And their level of understanding and desire to work on this project allows us to catapult and scale our mission. It is important for us to work with a team we trust, and 10x has been an incredible partner. We are excited to be working with them more in the coming year as we grow and scale the platform.” 

  • Nicole Rivera, VP of Programs, Musicians On Call