Pinterest Engineer Champions Women Technologists

December 1st, 2014

10x would love to represent more female tech talent (please apply!), but women currently comprise only about 10-30% of skilled workers in tech companies. Though our culture’s model of progress implicitly promises a more civilized society and way of life for everyone in the future, the industry propelling us there seems stuck in the past. Women and minorities have repeatedly been reported as overlooked and underpaid in skilled tech fields. How can this be?A recent MIT study found “in a controlled experiment […], identical business-plan videos were narrated by either male or female voices; respondents chose the plans presented by males 68 percent of the time.”

But, some women are determined to apply their ingenuity towards hacking the problem. Covered recently by Vogue, Pinterest software engineer Tracy Chou is working hard to motivate and support women to find equal footing and recognition. Nathan Heller reports How Pinterest Engineer Tracy Chou is Breaking the Silicon Ceiling.