Pitching Your Startup: A Roadmap for Success

May 17th, 2016

pitching your startup

While there is no definitive guide to raising money for startups, there are tactics entrepreneurs can use to make their idea more attractive for venture funding. Below are a few key points pulled from TechCrunch contributing author Aviv Giboa, read the full article here, A RoadMap For Pitching Your Startup.

A couple tips:

  • Business models don’t matter as much at the early stage: “VCs recognize that business models can change overtime. Instead of focusing on the merits of a business plan during the pitch, VCs use it to understand how an entrepreneur thinks about his/her business,” states Giboa.
  • Entrepreneurs must be evangelists for their products: Giboa explains,Venture capital, above all else, is about investing in people. Although a product demo helps visualize an idea, it simply serves to supplement the entrepreneur’s passion for that idea.”
  • The most important slide in a pitch deck is the “Why”: Giboa states, “The “why” slide allows investors in the room to understand why the business matters, both to the world and the entrepreneur. Every startup should have a story that articulates the motivation behind the business and the problem it’s trying to solve.”

If your startup idea is harder to describe or perhaps something without an immediate “wow” factor, check out this article, Sell stories, not tech: 8 steps for pitching a hard-to-describe startup.

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