Pizza Hut Is Losing the Technology Battle to Domino’s

April 3rd, 2017


It’s amazing to see the impact that technology has on our lives. Can an app actually change where we order pizza from? Does ordering via Twitter really affect our eating habits? It turns out the answers to those questions are a resounding YES. Just ask Pizza Hut. In the 90s and early 00s, Pizza Hut was the go-to, dominant fast food pizza chain. People loved their innovative menu items, from stuffed crust to dippin’ strips pizza. Fast forward to the age of the mobile phone and social media, and Domino’s has swiftly overtaken Pizza Hut atop the pizza food chain. How did Domino’s accomplish this? Technology. Domino’s saw how obsessed people were becoming with their phones, and capitalized on it. Domino’s invested heavily in its app and making online ordering as simple as possible. You can literally tweet to order a pizza from Domino’s. Pizza Hut, on the other hand, became a relic of the past, associated with brick and mortar restaurants and slow delivery. Even if people like the food more from Pizza Hut, easier trumps better. It goes to show you the importance of staying up-to-date on technology. Convenience is overtaking the world. 10x Management has seen the writing on the wall for a long time, and we’re prepared with the greatest tech freelancers in the world to keep your business ahead of the competition. Below is an excerpt of the excellent article from Inc. Read the full article here.

They expect Domino’s to become even more of a Pizza King. Why? Because it realized very early that humans would become obsessed with their phones.

Domino’s invested heavily in mobile. Why, you can even order via Twitter. Well, anyone who spends time on Twitter knows you need something to take the acid taste out of your mouth.

Pizza Hut didn’t see the digital nightmare — some refer to it as a revolution — coming.

As Greg Creed, CEO of its holding company Yum Brands, “Easy beats better.”

Let that be an epitaph for humanity. We constantly want things to be easier and easier and we get more and more slovenly.

Unlike Domino’s and, indeed, Papa John’s, people still think of Pizza Hut as a bricks and mortar brand, rather than one that represents speedy delivery. Or, really, any delivery.

Creed himself confessed: “We still have to turn Pizza Hut into a delivery brand.”

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