Podcast | How To Build Hardware That Doesn’t Suck with Brady Forrest

April 13th, 2015

Hardware is making a comeback with the rise of The Internet of Things. China-based manufacturing giant, Pch International, is betting big on the resurgence with its Highway1 hardware incubator program, currently being filmed for the SyFy Channel’s Bazillion Dollar Club reality show. Highway1’s dynamic VP, Brady Forrest was recently interviewed about the exciting hardware explosion.

“Brady is Vice President at Highway1, PCH’s incubator program. A prolific speaker and maker on the geek scene, Brady can be found at speaking engagements around the world, inventing new forms of transportation at Burning Man, or creating in the Highway1 San Francisco workshop. Additionally, Brady writes for O’Reilly Radar, tracking changes in technology. Brady is the founder of Ignite, a geek event which has spread to over a hundred cities worldwide.”