10 Ways To Promote Your Authentic Self

September 28th, 2016

being authentic

When it comes to the individual and the workplace, less seems to be more. Rather than trying to be “all things” to their employers and fit into a specific company mold, most people perform better and are more engaged and less stressed when they focus on being their authentic selves.

So, how does authenticity support a business? When people feel free to be who and what they are — both on their own and in public — they have more energy to create and innovate. If you haven’t noticed it takes a lot of effort to be someone who you are not. It’s exhausting. Authentic workers are more likely to bring their whole selves to the job and fully engage with the company’s goals and mission. Also, these same workers often seek out and are attracted to authentic leaders, and follow them with greater dedication — leading to stronger teams and enhanced business performance.

Now let’s discuss what qualities are involved in being authentic, many of which can be learned. Below we’ve listed some points from Sherri Campbell’s article in Entrepreneur, 10 Qualities of Authentic People.

“In a society roided-out on bling, cash, ego, nakedness and status we have lost our authenticity. We have lost morals and what it means to be ourselves. So many are caught up in following the crowd they have gotten lost in it. How can any type of true success come from being a follower? Followers are lost to their authenticity and are chasers of “status” and “wealth.” Followers are competitive, insecure and consistently positioning and provoking to one-up each other,” states Sherri Campbell.

Sherri reminds us, the stand-out successes we all admire are not in the crowd, they aren’t chasing cash, or being cool. It doesn’t mean they don’t like nice things…it just means they approach success from a different type of mindset.

Key qualities of authentic people:

  • They are self-reflective
  • They have a healthy ego
  • They focus on possibilities
  • They have good character
  • They are visionary
  • They listen
  • They are transparent
  • They are open and consistent
  • They are team-oriented
  • They draw upon experience

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