Remote Work Is Becoming More Mainstream

June 29th, 2017

remote work

By Sam Zeisler, 10x Management

As technology improves, remote work is becoming more mainstream. It has never been easier to communicate with someone who is abroad, from screenshares, to video conferencing, to Skype, to instant messaging, to Slacker groups and the many other apps that enable group communication, not to mention the ancient Roman ways of email, fax, and telephone.

It’s a safe bet that a lot of companies will soon endorse remote work, and I’m guessing some will even close their offices in favor of the practice (For more on managing talent and the importance of remote work, check out our upcoming book, Game Changer). It is better for the environment, keeps employees happy, can potentially boost productivity, reduces hiring costs and gives you access to the best talent available for any job, not just the best talent in your geographic radius. Remote workers quit at half the rate of office employees, and businesses that allow remote work have higher rates of retention.

So it’s not surprising that San Francisco-based billion dollar startup Automaticc, the company responsible for WordPress, just closed its San Fran office to have employees work from home, on the road, or wherever they choose.

Automaticc might be onto something here. It provides employees with funds to set up home offices and pays for employee travel expenses whenever anyone is needed onsite. Meetings are mostly held via online conferences, video chats, and group chats. They even conduct job interviews online!

Technology allows us to do incredible things, and enabling communication between remote teams is one of them. This trend will only become more mainstream as time goes on. As long as technology continues to improve and facilitates effective correspondence between two places, remote work will be on the rise. If you’re ahead of the trend, you’ll be better-suited for where the world is heading.

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