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May 24th, 2017

10xers are up to

By Eric Frisch, 10x Management Writer

At 10x Management, we get to represent some pretty cool technologists. While coding may be a different language to most of us, one of the great parts of representing our talent is seeing the amazing apps and products they build. Although we might not know how they build it, we certainly enjoy using the final products! Introducing Side by Side and Feedback, 2 amazing new apps developed by 10xer Arnav and his company Kinetic Expression!

Arnav is a founder, software engineer, and a professional skater on the side. He’s also somewhat of an expert at martial arts. No big deal. In skating at events around the country at practices and instructor retreats, and participating in martial arts classes, Arnav was struck with a groundbreaking idea: a simple, streamlined app that would allow an instructor and student, of almost any discipline, to communicate and improve using editable video technology. This app, Feedback, would be great for dance instructors, sports coaches, piano teachers, yoga instructors, public speech coaches, personal training, and a number of other arenas.

Here’s how Feedback works: Let’s say you’re a golf instructor teaching someone how to swing. You just had a productive lesson, but now your student is out of town and in need of help:

  1. Your student takes a video of his swing (he can set his phone down a few feet away or have someone take the video for him).
  2.  He uploads the video to Feedback so his instructor can view.
  3. The instructor views the video in the app, can watch in slow motion, pause wherever she wants, and comment at different times on the video. The instructor can also mark up and annotate on the video itself.
  4. The instructor says, “Your elbow is too high” at :05 seconds in, and then circles his feet at :10 seconds with the comment, “you’re not raising your foot on your follow-through!”
  5.  The student sees the instructor’s feedback.
  6. The student takes the instructor’s feedback into account, and goes on to win the golf tournament and marry the girl of his dreams. It’s that simple!

I asked Arnav how he thought of the idea. He said it was simple. “I’ve taken a lot of classes throughout my life, and I always wished there was an easy way to communicate with an instructor when the instructor wasn’t right in front of me. If they could give me exact tips and pointers that I could see, I could practice so much easier on my own!” Leave it to a 10xer to wish for something and make it happen on his own!

Side by Side is also a video app that allows you to compare two videos at the same time, one on top of the other. If you’re struggling to understand where you’re going wrong with your latest martial arts kick, you can take 2 videos, one where you had it right and one where you had it wrong, and see exactly where you went wrong. If you’ve never got it right, don’t worry! Your instructor can take a video doing it right, and you can compare your video to that of your instructor’s! It’s another brilliant learning tool.

If this is what a 10xer built for fun, imagine what our 10xers can build for you!


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