Should You Keep Uber On Your Resumé?

March 7th, 2017


10x Management co-founder Michael Solomon recently sat down with Bloomberg Tech’s Caroline Hyde to discuss the problems surrounding Uber. The Guardian covered the interview in a story about former Uber employees struggling with whether or not to include working at Uber on their resumés. It’s an interesting debate. On the one hand, Uber’s “hustle” culture has been exposed and indicated to be unfair and degrading to many employees, particularly women. The environment that Uber fostered for employees might have new companies asking how someone could be apart of such a culture without speaking up.  On the other hand, Uber is an impressive app demonstrating the potential of technology; contributing to such a platform should, in theory, be a source of pride for many employees. Below is an excerpt from the article, and read the full article here.

Michael Solomon, a tech talent manager whose company 10x represents freelance software engineers, said that whether Uber is a black mark on a résumé is a matter of debate after the series of controversies.

Solomon said he is currently working with a client on his profile and deciding which former contracts to highlight.

“There was a big debate about whether to include Uber,” he said. “When we started the process, we were like, OK, let’s do it. By the time the fourth [negative] story broke, I started to wonder about whether we should do it.”

Though Solomon and his client are still discussing whether or not to admit to his gig at Uber, he said that the attitude toward Uber has clearly shifted among the programmers he represents.

“If I put out an offering today that Uber was looking for a bunch of engineers, I think there would be some resistance,” he said. “This is a moment when people are thinking long and hard about whether they want to be in that culture. I don’t think it would be the same as if it were two weeks ago.”


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