October 30th, 2015

Dan Rummel, CTO of Shyp, first used 10x while running engineering at Live Nation. He liked working with our 10xer so much, he has continued to use us at Shyp. 

10x: Why did you originally reach out to 10x?

RUMMEL: We were going through staff augmentations with a few well-functioning teams. We needed more staff fast, but didn’t have the time needed to on-board, train, and build rapport with new people.


10x: What was it like working with 10x?

RUMMEL: Normally it takes a long time to find and onboard people.  You need a minimum of two weeks and potentially months. But we brought on two 10xers, and they onboarded really fast. They were professional and got down to work really quickly. The most impressive thing is that we can trust the onboarding time is consistently short with 10xers.


10x: What’s different now that you work with 10x?

RUMMEL: This was game changing for us, because now we don’t need to worry about vetting people. We can trust that the people 10x sends us will be just as promised: professional, competent, and self-directed. They are so low-maintenance. We’ve upped our velocity on new screens, and now we’re doing a lot of re-factoring work we never would have gotten to without our 10xers.


10x: Why did you choose 10x?

RUMMEL: It comes down to opportunity cost. The opportunity cost of doing your own search and hiring is so high compared to calling 10x and getting people onboard and building stuff within days. It’s well worth the confidence that you have that you won’t have a developer who’s a flop. Now, we can just call 10x and move forward.


10x: Would you recommend 10x to a friend?
RUMMEL: We would absolutely recommend 10x! 10x is just so easy. It’s so quick to get new people on board and going. Within less than two weeks of picking up the phone I had two top-level developers onboard and getting stuff done.