“Tackling the Talent Conundrum”: 10x Cofounder Altay Guvench at iMedia Summit

May 6th, 2015

10x cofounder Altay Guvench spoke about the tech industry’s growing talent shortage to a warm reception at the iMedia Agency Summit in Los Angeles, yesterday. His talk, Tackling the Talent Conundrum, discussed the challenges of hiring talent as increasingly many workers switch to freelancing to achieve better work-life balance.

Altay received an enthusiastic response from attendees and organizers, who were able to engage and ask questions throughout. Read iMedia’s review, Tackling the Talent Conundrum, here. Check out other presentations and articles from the digital marketing-focused summit, here.

The iMedia talk is the latest in a host of speaking engagements for Altay, who is now a recognized authority on the Future of Work, thanks to 10x’s pioneering role in developing its hybrid-agency model to address the tech industry’s talent problem.

Altay recently spoke at SXSW Interactive and will next present at the Bloomberg Technology Conference 2015 in San Francisco, May 15-16.