Tech + Art: 72 Must See Interactive Art Installations

March 21st, 2016

tech and art

We’re continuing with our theme of ‘Technology & Art’ this week on 10x Magnified Blog. Over the past several years art has been revolutionized by technology and interactive art installations are very prevalent. The public and gallery goers can now engage with the art and be mesmerized by artistic statements that seamlessly include design, sound, technology, and visionary aesthetics. Check out the slideshow, 72 Interactive Art Installations, by Trend Hunter.

Some of our favorite technology & art installation videos from this slideshow include:

  •  21 Swings (21 Balançoires) by design team Daily Tous Les Jours created a fun and interactive installation that encourages cooperation. They installed a number of swings, that both lit up and played a tune. The public was welcomed and encouraged to come try it out and work together to create a beautiful song.
  • Sonic Cradle (Meditation Mastery Machines) by Jay Vidyarthi, it turns breathing into sounds. Jay Vidyarthi has created a human-computer interface called Sonic Cradle to help people achieve mindfulness, by using breathing patterns to create responsive soundscapes. Vidyarthi is currently attending Simon Fraser University to pursue a Master’s degree at the Surrey School of Interactive Arts and Technology.
  • Romance of Running, beautifully tracking the artistic side of athletic life, the artist HEYNIEK ‘Romance of Running’ interactive installation pays tribute to Nike+. The idea behind the installation was created by the young designer Niek Pulles, who goes by HEYNIEK, for the Nike-sponsored exhibition at the Vondel Park Amsterdam. A spin at the wheel allows audiences to gorgeously mix sand, water and glitter with the projections of runners atop the installation, so a new route can be created.
  • Light Form, playing with light and surfaces, the installation was created by Mathieu Rivier, a student of ECAL University of Art and Design. The sculpture is a ragged solid surface that reacts to touch using infrared sensing technology. The surface provides a visually geometric multi-touch aesthetic that is ultra modern.

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