December 7th, 2015

10x: Why did you originally reach out to 10x?

TAG: We called 10x because we needed a stable supply of technically sound engineers. With 10x we can  go through a pre-vetted pool and choose the right ones to teach our most technical courses.


10x: What was hard about finding the right people before?

TAG: To be a good technical trainer, you need to have amazing technical skills as well as inherent skills of communication. It’s hard to do and extremely hard to find. 10x is a reliable and immediate resource to help us scale.


10x: What were your requirements?

TAG: We don’t work with just anybody. You have to be a top-notch, well-spoken, and technical expert to work with New Circle. You have to be incredibly technically efficient, but also have the gift of skills transfer — the ability to teach people what you know. It’s not a knowledge dump.


10x: What was it like working with 10x?

TAG: We hired 10xer Greg Sadetsky to teach Python to enterprise clients like Salesforce, Cisco, and others. Greg required zero training or ramp-up time. He was just ready. And he had the technical and people skills that allowed him to start teaching immediately.


10x: Would you hire 10x again?

TAG: New Circle is mainly concerned with successful trainings. When we send in 10xer Greg Sadetsky, we know he will succeed, and that guarantees repeat business for us.


10x: Would you refer 10x to other companies?

TAG: I’ve already recommended 10x to several clients who needed both consulting and technical expertise. I know that in this business my word is my reputation, and I feel very comfortable giving both my word and my referral to 10x.


How has working with 10x changed your company?
10x helps us scale. We’re very meticulous about sourcing and vetting the right talent to teach our courses, but it’s an extremely time intensive process. That’s why working with 10x has been great. We know whenever we give them a call, they’ll match us with someone who has all the qualities we look for in a great instructor. That saves us a ton of time, and helps us launch new courses and classes more quickly.