Listen To 10x Founder Altay Guvench’s SXSW Talk: “The Tech Talent Shortage”

March 24th, 2015

Recently featured in the BBC News and The New Yorker Magazine, 10x Management is recognized as a pioneer in solving the rising need for highly skilled technology professionals. Last week, 10x cofounder Altay Guvench presented his insights on “The Tech Talent Shortage” at the SXSW conference. Listen to the recording of his presentation, below.

10x cofounder, Altay Guvench, was invited to present his insights into “The Tech Talent Shortage: Problem and Solutions” at SXSW Interactive, last week. Listen to Altay’s talk below, in which he discusses the need for a new model of work in technology, that optimizes both companies’ and workers’ resources and needs.


10x’s pioneering role as the first talent agency for top software developers, data scientists and other tech professionals was recently highlighted in The New Yorker Magazine’s The Programmer’s Price. BBC News further interviewed 10x’s founders and talent for insights into the industry’s talent shortage in, Why Computer Programmers Need Agents.

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