Three 10xers Presenting at Hirepalooza Conference in SF, June 1-2

May 19th, 2015

10x is increasingly recognized as a leader in tech innovation and the future of work – both by the press and industry event organizers. This year, three 10xers have been invited to speak at the upcoming Hirepalooza conference: “the definitive San Francisco hiring festival, recruitment conference, and hiring mixer for tech companies interested in recruiting top talent”.

Hirepalooza will feature a hiring expo, speakers and panels, workshops, mixers and other activities. View the Event Schedule and list of Speakers to learn more. Register for the event, here.

At Hirepalooza thought leaders in recruitment converge to discuss: how the industry can adapt to the digital age of recruitment; and the strategies needed for companies like Instacart, Twilio, Netflix to be able to grow and disrupt billion dollar industries.

MONDAY, JUNE 1 @ 3pm: The Art of Recruiting Senior Tech Talent

10x Cofounder Altay Guvench

In a field that has a unemployment rate that resonates around 3% — recruiting the best and brightest to help build out and scale out your company is a challenge in and of itself. Recruiting senior tech talent is an entirely different challenge with a set of it’s own rules. On this panel, recruiters from top organizations will discuss how they have combated a low unemployment rate and tactics they have used to recruit senior tech talent.

Now considered a leading authority on the future of hiring tech talent, Altay is fresh off his talk at the iMedia Summit in Los Angeles, and will also be presenting at the upcoming Bloomberg Tech Conference.


TUESDAY, JUNE 2 @ 10:15am: Bringing Sexy Back: Selling Your Company’s Story

10x’s VP of Growth Ari Kalfayan & Brand Director Mark Mian

Being able to differentiate your company in a billion dollar industry is a daunting task. Having a best-of- breed product that beats out existing players on every vector is the dream of many companies. Using guerilla tactics to aggressively push their company ahead of its competitors. On this panel, panelists will discuss how they have built out their teams, and the tactics that they have used, to enable their brand to be leaders within their industry.