Trump Administration Restricts Work Visas for Tech Workers

January 31st, 2017

As reported in a recent Tech Crunch article, the Trump administration has drafted another immigration executive order aimed at overhauling work visas.

If, in fact, the Trump administration further restricts work visas for technology workers who are already in high demand, it is going to send the cost of these tech works skyrocketing. This is quite a good thing for 10x and all the technologists in the US but it is ultimately bad for innovation, growth and the health of the overall economy. The problem is that the impact of this will go far beyond just the tech sector. Every sector of our economy is steeped in technology and it will be harder and harder for all companies to get the tech talent they need. The likely solutions will be moving their development projects to offices and divisions in other countries which will ultimately defeat the goal of this measure. #ShortTermThinking.

Check out the full article here:

Report: Trump plans H-1B and other work visa reforms


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