Useful Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

July 24th, 2015

At 10x, we’re always on the prowl for things that make our lives easier. We’re all about efficiency. If you’re anything like us, you accept that a good, useful app is the best thing since sliced bread (and smartphones). Because there are so many apps out there (approximately 1.4 million just for Apple users) finding a great app is sometimes hard to do.

Lucky for us, Entrepreneur have found some rather useful apps for entrepreneurs. But if you’re not an entrepreneur, these apps are still pretty nifty.

1. Evernote

Obsessed about taking notes? Check out Evernote’s web and mobile app, where you can create digital notebooks for everything, from expenses, to manageing your calendar, and keeping track of random notes to yourself. Take snapshots of your paperwork and file them online on Evernote or type your meeting notes directly into the app.

2.  Letterspace

This is a free note-taking app that helps you use hashtags to organize your thoughts. The idea behind Letterspace is to get your thoughts and ideas on the page as quickly and efficiently with minimum distractions.

3. Humin   

If you’re networking and making tons of connections, it may be tough to keep track of how and where you met your new contact. When you insert information into, Humin, it remembers all of the tiny details of how and where you met someone, allowing you to actually be in the moment instead of trying to remember information later. The app also combines your contacts, dialing, and voice mailbox to calculate who your most important contacts are.


A glutton for productivity apps? Check out LISTEN, which utilizes ringback tone technology to respond to incoming calls when you’re too busy to answer the phone.You have auto SMS reply capabilities which, when enabled, respond to both inbound calls and incoming text messages.

5.  Workflow

This particular app focuses on time management, especially managing the workflow in your life. The Workflow app allows you to customize your phone so you can bypass tasks that are a waste of time. You can create any type of button for any type of activity you may do on a regular basis.