Whose Job Is It To Manage Freelancers

March 14th, 2016

freelance economy

Photo Credit: Harvard Business Review


Check out the article featured in Harvard Business Review, Whose Job Is It To Manage Freelancers, co-written by our 10x Management Co-Founder, Rishon Blumberg and Jon Younger, author of Agile Talent.

“Business reliance on the freelancer economy continues to grow. Organizations in every industry and geography are increasingly indebted to external talent, whom we term agile talent, to augment their resources in strategic areas. The benefits are substantial: Agile talent provides organizations with greater flexibility, speed, and competitive insight. And as part of a contingent staffing strategy, emerging businesses and startups can afford access to outstanding technical experts that would otherwise be cost prohibitive on a full-time basis,” states Blumberg and Younger.

“But business and government leaders have much to learn about designing their organizations to ensure the full benefits of accessing agile talent. Organizations do better when managers have access to advice and best practice in leading mixed teams. And external experts benefit when there is a resource available to assist when conflicts occur or problems arise for which they are unprepared,” explains Blumberg and Younger.

How can organizations provide this support to managers of agile talent, external experts, and the teams they support? 10x Co-Founder, Rishon Blumberg and Jon Younger author of Agile Talent suggest a number of approaches for organization leaders to consider, click here to read the full article.