Why Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Work Without Immigrants

February 13th, 2017


We’ve been talking and writing a lot recently about the implications of the new H-1B visa restrictions for the tech industry. Here is another validation in the New York Times of many of our earlier claims and Michael Solomon’s commentary on Bloomberg Technology last week.

Below is an important excerpt from the article:

One important reason Silicon Valley can exist at all is that it is welcoming to people from far outside its borders. “I go all across the world, and every other place is asking, ‘How do we replicate Silicon Valley where we are — in London, in Paris, in Singapore, in Australia?’”

The reason those places have so far failed to create their own indomitable tech hubs is that everyone there wants to come here.

“The U.S. is sucking up all the talent from all across the world,” Mr. Collison said. “Look at all the leading technology companies globally, and look at how overrepresented the United States is. That’s not a normal state of affairs. That’s because we have managed to create this engine where the best and the brightest from around the world are coming to Silicon Valley.”

Read the full article here:

Why Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Work Without Immigrants

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